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Read Philip’s new short story  “COVID-19 Comes to Harmony”

Philip’s latest book “UNLEARNING GOD: How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe” is now available.  CLICK HERE to find out more.


You can get  information about Philip Gulley and his books in this downloadable Press Kit:

Gully Press Kit 2019- Zip File.

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View video from QuakerSpeak “If the Church Were Christian” CLICK HERE.

View video from Earlham College School of Religion Spirituality Gathering 2012 CLICK HERE.


IMlogoRead Philip’s monthly Back Home Again column in Indianapolis Monthly.

July, 2022 “The Parent Trap”
June, 2022 “Sea Change”
May, 2022 “Country Living Is Such A Chore”
April, 2022 “Meet Me In The Middle”
March, 2022 “Scents And Sensibility”
February, 2022 “Head In The Cloud”
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June, 2021 “Hire Like A Pro (Or At Least Like A Quaker)”
May, 2021 “Lawnmowers Of The World, Unite”
April, 2021 “Maintain Wedded Bliss For Four Decades Using This One Weird Trick”
March, 2021 “In Moderna (Or Pfizer, Or Johnson & Johnson, Or Whoever) We Trust”
February, 2021 “IMPD’s Excessive Use of Police Dogs is Repulsive”
January, 2021 “I Would Strongly Advise You Against RV Ownership”

Letter to the Editor Indianapolis Monthly


Read Philip’s Lighter Side column in The Saturday Evening Post.

July/August 2022 “Getting an Electric Bike Is an Uphill Battle”
May/June 2022 “The Punch List”
March/April 2022 “Gimme a Break!”
Jan/Feb 2022 “The Quietest Place in America”
Nov./December 2021 “A Child’s Christmas Joy”
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March/April 2021 “America’s Near-Death Experience”
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