Unlearning God

How Unbelieving Helped Believe

America’s favorite Quaker storyteller explores the terrain of faith and doubt as shaped by family, church, and young love, finding his way to a less convenient but fully formed adult spirituality.

A Gathering In Hope

Thanks to an unexpected windfall, Sam Gardner’s congregation (with the exception of a few malcontents) is eager to expand their meetinghouse.

Philip Gulley

Phil Gulley is a pastor at Fairfield Friends Meeting in Camby, Indiana, near Indianapolis. He lives in the nearby town of Danville with his wife Joan and their two dogs, Ruby and Jack. They have two sons, and one granddaughter, Madeline, who rules the roost.

Engaging Presentations

Several times a month, Philip ventures from his Indiana home to tell stories, lead workshops, and discuss spirituality. Keep an eye on Phil’s schedule to see if he’s headed your way. If he isn’t, we invite you to extend an invitation to visit your church, college, or community.

Find YOUR way to Grace.

Welcome to PlainSpeech

In a closet in my office is a high stack of paper, copies of every sermon I’ve ever given. I kept them on the advice of an elderly pastor who told me, when I first began preaching, that I should save my sermons and repeat them every three years, which he surmised was the working memory of the average congregant.   Occasionally, when bored, I’ll reach into the stack, pull out a sermon, and read it, in order to see whether it is still fresh.  It seldom is.  What I discover instead is that I have moved on, that my experiences have caused me to think differently about God.  And not just differently about God, but differently about what it means to be human, what it means to love, and what it means to believe.

The messages in this website reflect that evolution. I cheerfully jettison one year something I swore was true the year before.  I suspect you have done the same.  That is, if you have given faith any thought, which I suspect you have, since you’re visiting this website.

I invite you to sign up for the weekly messages I deliver at Fairfield Friends Meeting. There’s no cost, though a donation to defray the expense of maintaining a website is always appreciated.  But whether you contribute or not, I hope the messages you read expand your mind, life, and spirit.  For I believe God is honored not by the tired repetition of yesterday’s dogma, but by our efforts to be a new creation in a changed world. With that hope, I welcome you to this site.

Our Latest PlainSpeech Messages

What the Miracles of Jesus Tell Us

What the Miracles of Jesus Tell Us

Joan and I were down in Monteagle, Tennessee recently, participating in a Chautauqua, a movement began almost 150 years ago as a means of educating Sunday school teachers by exposing them to lecturers from a variety of fields. I think it’s safe to say I’m probably not...

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The Missing Fruits (Self-Awareness)

The Missing Fruits (Self-Awareness)

This past week, I was driving down 86th street, coming home from giving a speech. I’d been gone most of the day, was impatient to get home to Joan, and was frustrated because every one of the 953 traffic lights between where I was and home was red, and the stop cycle...

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“In our ever-changing world, Gulley’s book is much needed.  An important book for any person of faith.”
– Archbishop Desmond Tutu

“Every serious Christian ought to read this book, ponder it, wrestle with it, but above all, be grateful for its’ presence in today’s urgent conversation about what we are becoming as a people of God.”
– Phyllis Tickle, author of THE GREAT EMERGENCE

“Philip Gulley separates wheat from chaff, experience from explanation and purpose from function in this book. He calls the Jesus message into a new vision – one that has both power and integrity.”
– John Shelby Spong, author of Eternal Life: A New Vision

“His vision of Christianity is grounded, gripping, and filled with uncommon sense.”
– Father Richard Rohr

“His book is a treasure trove of practical wisdom about what it means to bear witness to our hope for a better world. ”
– Parker J. Palmer, author of HEALING THE HEART OF DEMOCRACY

“Gulley puts the Christ back in Christian. This manifesto is a call not just to worship Jesus, but to follow him. It asks the daring question, “What if Christians actually began to take their Christ seriously?” The answer…”

– Shane Claiborne, bestselling author of THE IRRESISTIBLE REVOLUTION

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How Unbelieving Helped Me Believe

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