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Philip Gulley is a Quaker pastor, writer, and speaker. He lives in Danville, Indiana with his wife, Joan. They have two sons, Spencer and Sam, and one wayward grand-dog, Hank.

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A PLACE CALLED HOPE is AVAILABLE NOW! Fans of the critically acclaimed Harmony series will delight in the return of it’s central character, Sam Gardner, in this new series by Gulley.

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Living the Quaker Way NOW IN STORES

Philip Gulley's latest book invites us to explore the long held priorities of Quakerism - simplicity, peace, integrity, community and equality.

Engaging Presentations

Several times a month, Philip ventures from his Indiana home to tell stories, lead workshops, and discuss spirituality. Keep an eye on Phil’s schedule to see if he’s headed your way. If he isn’t, we invite you to extend an invitation to visit your church, college, or community.

Life Lessons

We have more entertainment than ever before, and more depression. Our opportunities seem infinite, but we feel weighed down with burdens. We have thousands of years of spiritual traditions to help guide and energize our lives, but too often feel spiritually listless. We all need help for our journey. May our GraceTalk messages bring you hope, insight, and deep joy.

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Several years ago, I was speaking at a pastor’s conference and asked those present if their understanding of God had changed since their childhood. Everyone raised a hand, except for one man, who said, “I was taught about God at an early age and I still believe everything I was taught. I’ve not changed my mind about anything.”

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The man appeared to be in his early 50’s, and though I was shocked anyone could serve as a pastor, writing and speaking about God each week, without having any fresh insights, I refrained from saying so.

Later that day, a woman present approached me and said, “It’s true. I’ve known him all my life and he’s the most boring, unimaginative preacher I’ve ever heard.”

Oddly, the man seemed proud his mind had never changed, as if his resistance to fresh thought pleased God. I have met others like him, whose faith is forever still, never stirred by a ripple of doubt or curiosity. If that is true of you, you will likely find this website troubling. But if you are a seeker, if you are committed to your spiritual growth and evolution, then I hope these weekly messages resonate with you. If you read my books, whether privately or in a small group, I hope they expand your mind, life, and spirit. For I believe God is honored not by the tired repetition of yesterday’s dogma, but by our efforts to be a new creation in a changed world. With that hope, I invite you to this site.

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    Our search and need for intimacy becomes a powerful force in our young adulthood.   When most people hear the word intimacy, they immediately think of sex.  But intimacy is more than that.  Intimacy is also a tenderness for, a closeness with, an affection for another.  …

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