The Evolution of Faith

Find YOUR way to GRACE.

The Evolution of Faith

What if God wanted us to grow and change, both our theology and our beliefs? In The Evolution of Faith, Philip Gulley invites us to discard slavish obedience to antiquated faith claims and worldviews and discover our true beliefs, re-examining and re-interpreting Christianity for today’s complex world. Gulley encourages us to seek answers within and develop our own apologetics, a belief system that evolves as new ideas and realities are introduced. As we un-tether ourselves from those tenets that no longer further the faith, we can open ourselves to a Christianity we can believe in—one that brings out the best in us; a Christianity comfortable with people of other faiths; a Christianity grateful for scientific knowledge; a Christianity rooted in God’s grace and informed by Jesus’s example. This book is Gulley’s ongoing effort to build a Christianity many of us long for, but haven’t yet found.

No one raises provocative questions about Christianity more kindly than Philip Gulley.  In an age of shouting, Gulley gently points out the flaws in the church while opening ways to practice Christian spirituality with greater integrity.  If the church were as Philip Gulley envisions here people would be knocking down our doors to experience God’s love.

Diana Butler Bass, author of Christianity for the Rest of Us.

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